Hi Steve,

I'm unclear what the problem is. Seems also easy. Can you show your code?

I am also puzzled about you saying there are several ways to set the first
part. Again, I cant see how one would do it differently to how I showed.
This proves I don't know what you are referring to as your difficulty. Can
you elaborate?

Keep it on the list - no need for a private chat. Others may understand
better than I what you want.


On 18 May 2018 at 00:55, <st...@linuxsuite.org> wrote:

> >  Hi Steve,
> >
> > Does this sketch help you out?
>          Thanks, I am aware of that solution... and there are a couple of
> others...
>          I am trying to render this second appearance of this after the
> trio. Here is a
> a page. The part I am interested in has the downbeat a C flat  half note
> and the
> upbeat is in the repeat section.. Also the second alternative has 3 beats
> and continues
> into the coda.
> https://ln.sync.com/dl/17a64e740/7vb6gz87-hi7jxedr-x9rpws6e-tw7z5yma
>         Not sure why it is different than its first appearance? I prefer
> the later as it moves the entire phrase into the repeat
> section....
>         -steve
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