On 2018-05-17 15:29, Carl Sorensen wrote:
´╗┐On 5/17/18, 3:51 PM, "Jonathan Chen" <j...@chen.org.nz> wrote:
I've just returned to using lilypond 2.18.2 after a break, and I now
    find if I compile any of my existing .ly files, I get a scree of
    errors, eg:

What is your operating system?  How are you running lilypond?

I find your sample file to work just find on my system.

The error message indicates to me that somehow your font tree is
messed up.  I don't know why you would be asking for the font listed
in your warning message if you had a standard LilyPond install.

To add to this:

Near as I can tell, the default font for serif text is TeX Gyre Schola. I suppose New Century Schoolbook (the font referenced in the subject line) could be a valid fallback font, but TeX Gyre Schola should be included in a valid LilyPond installation:


Have you tried deleting LilyPond's font cache and letting it rebuild?

-- Aaron Hill

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