Hello everyone,

I'd like to have a simple three-voice traditional song in a single staff.

- same notes should be merged to one note
- the upper two voice should be merged to chords

This is how it should look like:

\new Staff \relative c'' <<
  \new Voice { \voiceOne   \partial 4 g4  <c g> }
  \new Voice { \voiceTwo   \partial 4 g4  e }

This is how I would like to write the music: in three separate voices.

\new Staff \relative c'' <<
  \new Voice { \voiceOne   \partial 4 g4  c }
  \new Voice { \voiceThree \partial 4 g4  g }
  \new Voice { \voiceTwo   \partial 4 g4  e }

Is it possible to get the above result while writing each voice

Best Regards, Jakob

PS: \version "2.19.82"

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