On 8/10/2018 10:54 AM, Gianmaria Lari wrote:
To avoid having one or two staves on last page, I use often page-count. Unfortunately this often cuts the bottom of the page (the tagline or some notes).

Today I tried to understand better the problem, checking the printable area of the printer, playing with annotate-spacing, margin etc,. And I discovered that when I print inside Frescobaldi, the resulting output page is shifted down 5mm and shifted right 5mm. If I print the same output page from adobe acrobat the output is perfect. Does anyone have seen the same thing?

I'm running frescobaldi 3.01, lilypond 2.19.82 on windows 10.
Thank you, g.

Hi G,

I can't explain as to the why, but I can say that I have experienced similar oddities when printing direct from Frescobaldi / Windows 10. I just find that it's always easier and less of a challenge to simply print to PDF, and then print it outside of Frescobaldi using default Windows print functions. When I'm on Windows I print from SumatraPDF and it's always worked fine for me.

Acrobat is likely your best route at this point.

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