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> So schrieb David:
>> Either way is acting as it should.
>> The manual has an index entry "beam, with lyrics" for the chapter
>> "Setting automatic beam behavior" but there is no usable reference
>> whatsoever in that chapter.  I actually find rather little elsewhere
>> either, there are mostly just some allusions to manual beaming and
>> lyrics that don't make it into a definitive statement about LilyPond's
>> behavior rather than a general typesetting practice.
>> It's sort of an "everyone knows this except the manual" situation
>> apparently.
> Thanks for the explanation, which makes sense. Where should I suggest
> that this be made more prominent in the documentation? It think it
> ought to be mentioned in the section on Lyrics where slurs are
> discussed so that both options are evident to people like me, who dip
> in and out of Lilypond on a semi-regular basis but aren’t quite up on
> all the details.

As a handwaving guess, where

git grep autoBeamOff Documentation

spits out material outside of the translations.  It's in both the
Learning and Notation manual in several places.

David Kastrup

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