On 29/06/2020 10:30, Valentin Petzel wrote:
3) Forcing a string number can be done manually easily (though this is not
good if the tuning changes at some point). But in code it is quite a bit more
effort to achieve the same result, because we then would need to read the
string tunings from the context and determine for each single note on which
string that is. By simply setting minimumFret to an appropriate value (sorry
again), we can achieve the same result without coding the same thing multiple
times. Only problem is that doing it this way will override minimumFret
directions done before.

Not that I have a clue what you're talking about here but ...

You're aware that it's not uncommon to play lute music on guitar? And that guitars are then tuned to lute pitch with the 3rd g string tuned to f#?

And I occasionally play harmonics on a fretted not open guitar string.

(Off-topic - I went round my Aunt's once and she showed me some music her guitar teacher had given her, saying it was really hard. I spotted it was lute music and said I thought I could sight read it. She was amaZed so I retuned the guitar and struggled through it. So that was a trick she taught her guitar tutor ...)

It sounds to me like this might impact what you're doing (or it might not).


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