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> Greetings, all -
> I've been using LilyPond with Frescobaldi under Linux/Ubuntu for years, and I 
> really like the combination.
> I've tried updating to Frescobaldi 3.3 a number of times, with sort of weird 
> results. I've been running LilyPond 2.23.6 and Frescobaldi 3.2 under Ubuntu 
> 22.04.2 and they work fine. When I go to Flatpak, it says that Frescobaldi 
> 3.3 is installed, and I can click on "Open" and it does, but there is no 
> history (e.g., sessions I've been using under 3.2). If I tell the desktop to 
> add Frescobaldi to "Favorites", it does put the icon there, but if I click on 
> the icon, I get 3.2. When I do a search for frescobaldi-3.3, there are no 
> results. I followed the instructions from Flathub for doing an install via 
> the terminal, but the results are the same. Flathub says 3.3 is installed.
> Anyone else having similar problems? Anyone have suggestions for a solution? 
> I would dearly love to have my previous saved sessions appear in 3.3, and 
> have 3.3 be the default (I'm guessing I'll need to rename the frescobaldi-3.2 
> file).

Was my previous reply to this question of yours not clear?


In short:

* You very probably have Frescobaldi installed *both* from Flatpak and from 
elsewhere (likely the Ubuntu package). If you want to get the Flatpak when you 
click on the Frescobaldi icon, you first need to uninstall the previous one 
(likely `sudo apt remove frescobaldi`).
* It's not possible to transfer sessions from the Ubuntu package to the Flatpak 

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