Le dimanche 14 mai 2023 à 21:54 +0200, Sam Carmalt a écrit :
> Not sure if this is a LilyPond or Frecobaldi problem, but it is frustrating.
> I can see a change made to a score by Cntl-M.  But any subsequent change 
> cannot be seen.  Attempting to delete the .pdf file gives an error "cannot 
> delete the file because it is open in
> Frescobaldi".  Only fix seems to be to exit Frescobaldi, delete temporary 
> files, especially .pdf files, and then re-start.
> This obviously slows down the bug-fix problems.  
> Help on how to have Frescobaldi simply overwrite files when Cntl-M or 
> Cntl-Shift-P is pressed would be greatly appreciated.

Your problem is not very clear to me. You obviously have the PDF files open in 
Frescobaldi, but what is the other application you open them in?

If you are reopening them each time in a PDF viewer like Adobe Acrobat or such, 
then perhaps the problem is that you did not save the LilyPond file in 
Frescobaldi? If you don't save it, Frescobaldi
creates a temporary file in an invisible place, compiles that and displays the 
result PDF, without affecting the PDF that is next to the (out of date) .ly 

I guess you are working on Windows, since the inability to delete a file while 
it is open in an application is a limitation of Windows. Nothing we can do 
about that.

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