In markup, you can use \dynamic to use the dynamics characters.  However, only 
a small part of the alphabet is provided, as it is normally only used for 
actual dynamics; what you want is not normal practice, and would come out 
looking like the attached image.


 From:   Ralph Palmer <> 
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 Sent:   29/05/2023 23:00 
 Subject:   Markup with text or text in dynamics font 

Hi -

I appreciate all the help this list provides. I seem to be helping less than I 
used to; not sure why.

I've tried a few times recently to figure out how to make what would 
effectively be a markup in dynamic script, with no success. I've looked pretty 
extensively on the LilyPond site, as well as in the LSR and the email archives. 
I'm currently running LilyPond 2.24.0 and Frescobaldi 3.2 (still having 
problems figuring out how to install 3.3) under Linux/Ubuntu  22.04.2 LTS. 

I currently would like to add 

sempre ff e ben marcato
in dynamic font. I can do a markup using \bold and \italic, but it's not quite 
the same as the dynamic font. Am I missing a simple way to accomplish this?

I appreciate any help on this.

All the best,


Ralph Palmer
(he, him, his) 

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