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> Thanks, Jean. I followed the long version as best I could. I'm not skilled or 
> super familiar with working from the terminal, so I'm not sure I did 
> everything exactly as I was supposed to. My main question would be whether I 
> was supposed to remain in frescobaldi-repositories after Step 2. I did,

Doesn't really matter. The frescobaldi-repositories directory is just there to 
group the repositories together in a single folder but you could put them 
wherever you wanted.

and I got a few errors in the later steps, but nothing that seemed disastrous 
or halted the operation,

Hmm, do you remember what those errors where? I'm currently working on this 
stuff (see https://github.com/frescobaldi/frescobaldi/pull/1597) and it's 
important to understand what issues people are encountering.

By the way, I'm also curious to understand why you chose to go the "install 
from source" route instead of the "install Flatpak" route. (I gave it because I 
thought there was no way to copy the old settings to the Flatpak app, but in 
fact Federico later showed there is, i.e., step 3 in my previous email. It's 
useful if you want to develop Frescobaldi, but not the easiest if you don't, 
and not especially useful unless you are allergic to Flatpak.)

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