On Wed, 2023-05-31 at 11:46 +0200, Jean Abou Samra wrote:
> Le mercredi 31 mai 2023 à 13:31 +1000, Andrew Bernard a écrit :
> > I'd still be interested to know in rough outline how Denemo lets
> > you add single notes in a GUI and have the feedback from lilypond
> > so quickly.
> As far as I know, it does not use LilyPond for the GUI preview that
> you edit on the fly, only for the final rendering.
Sorry I missed this thread so far (denemo-de...@gnu.org is better for
this topic).

Denemo does a crude typesetting and audio playback so you can see the
music and hear it as you enter. It optionally also runs LilyPond in the
background so you can see the final typeset. This typesetting can be
restricted to just a few bars either side of the current note (and/or a
few staffs) which is usually good for larger scores.



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