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It's not unusual, just not Common Era period which lilypond principally focuses on.

It is not a _cancellation_ or a crossing out. It's as designator of open meter. Dorico enables it because people use it and request it, not because the Dorico team read it in Gould. Dorico targets a broader spectrum than CE period, in particular film scoring and so on.

One example has been given. Do you need more? A quorum? :-)

Here's Wikipedia:


Adding this open meter indication to lilypond would do no harm, surely? As with Dorico, don't make it mandatory for open meter, just available if required.


On 4/06/2023 11:50 pm, Werner LEMBERG wrote:
Thanks, but ideally we would like to see a real-world example that
predates recent notation programs – they probably all try to implement
the stuff from Gould's book...

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