> I have some questions about the LSR and I hope this is the place to ask
> them.
> I have noticed that some snippets take up a lot of blank space under
> them.  This is because they have marked the snippet as stand-alone,
> but haven't put a "tagline = ##f" in the paper or header block.  I'm
> happy to look through the LSR, find snippets like this and modify
> them, but it doesn't look like I have the privileges to do this.

I do exactly this, and Harm does the same: Adding `tagline = ##f`
whenever I see such a snippet.

> So, 1) do we want to modify some of the snippets to add tagline =
> ##f, and if so 2) how would I go about modifying the LSR DB?

Ad (1): Yes.  Ideally, the framework of the LSR should be changed so
that this gets automatically added.  However, I'm not sure whether
this is going to happen in the near future.

Ad (2): You need to become an LSR editor.  I suggest you contact
Sebastiano, with CCing me, Harm, or Jean.


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