Hi Svetlana,

2012/1/12 Светлана <eurid...@yandex.ru>
> This works perfectly! I've included all the symbols, that can be used by
> znamya font and also found some more symbols that should be colored (those
> that are not available directly from keyboard), so now we have an universal
> coloring script for Znamenny chants. Great job!
> Here, I include an example with full character lists. May be it should be
> placed to the repository (I could write a description for it), but it needs
> a special font to render correctly. I also attach rendered pdf for all to
> see the real rendered example.

I'm so glad to hear that this works!

I happened to notice that several characters are duplicated in the
all-characters list, among these the space :)  I took out a few obvious
ones.  (I realize that some characters which look absolutely identical in
my editor are differently encoded, so never fear.)  When there is a
duplicate, it will appear doubled in the transformed text and that of
course would mess up your use of the space as a positioner.

If you'd like to post any of this to the LSR, let me know so I can clean up
the Scheme as need be.  It's a shame that the special font can't be
displayed there--the notation is beautiful.


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