As W2L is over and we are going back to normality,
I was thinking of new lectures.

I for one have heared one too many times the statment:

"Vi is harder to learan than emacs, but many of emacs'

more advanced features are difficult to master"
(we must have said so half a dozen times durring W2L)

I think an emacs power usage lecture might be of interest.

such a lecture might include:
* emacs concepts, how it is built, major&minor modes.

* the .emacs initialization script.
* some E-lisp.
* usefull functions and variables for configuring emacs

* how the power user gets help for emacs, finding
  a function/variable to use.
* other stuff.

I have written a small amount of e-lisp for my emacs

but there may be some one more qualified than me
to give such a lecture(if so speak up).

the questions are:
a) will this sort of a lecture intrest you?
b) what should it contain?
c) what would you like emacs to do for you?


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