My name is Shahar. for some of you, my nick might be more familiar with my nick - Chaka.
Im still in school, 11th grade, and would like to write an Avodat Gemer about Linux.

Avodat Gemer (perhaps itll be shorter to write AG from now on) is a school work, that
supplies the student who writes it with 4 Yehidot Limud.

I'd like to write this AG about Linux, and i thought about the topics:
- "General investigation of the kernel (with reference to bash)"
- "GNU / Linux - why does it be better than any Closed Sources OSs?"
- "Linux as a desktop - is it just a dream?"

In my work, i think ill try to refer to the two first subjects.

For every AG, the writer need an instructor. This instructor needs to send the student
to sources of information (ie: books, online material etc) and answer his questions.
This instructor needs to have atleast second degree (Toar Sheni) in any of the CS
subjects. This instructor will recieve a (very) small grant (i dont remember the amount
of it, but it's not serious).

Anyone who think he'll be able to help me, and be my instructor - PLEASE - email me,
and we will talk.

Thank you all,

Linux, Windows & Dos are also known as the Good, the Bad & the Ugly.

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