For those of you who do not tend to actually login to tx regularly : 

I am quoting here one of the login messages. Note that the workshop is 
open to academic staff, graduate students and researchers in the MACHBA 

MPI is a message-passing way to create a parallel program. Its main 
architecture is a cluster (originally of identical machines, but they are 
making progress in that direction, as I gather).

openMP is a shared memory way to parallel a program. It is aimed at SMP 
machines. Basically, it makes dealing with threads very easy.


 * * * parallel programming workshops announced * * *    30 December 
2002 The computer center announces two parallel computing workshops in the
  Workshop                 Dates         Time         Lecturer
MPI programming         2-3 Feb 2003  09:00-15:00   Dr. Anne Weil-Zrahia
SGI/OpenMP programming  5-6 Feb 2003  09:00-16:00   Dr. Moshe Goldberg

For more details and for registration information:

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