Interesting things, which you might find useful even if you don't intend
to do it right now, are here, the rest will be sent to shlomif personally.

> My questions is: what does the Technion thinks about it? Can I give them?
> Can I post ads on Technion boards? Do I need to give a percentage of the
> moeny to the Technion? Etc.
A) There is "Hayechida Lekidom Studentim". You become a Chonech, who gives
private lessons for the students who need them (they were in Milluim, ill,
just need help, etc.). The payment is 42 NIS/hour AFAIK, even though it
might have changed. They look for good private tutors in various courses
(the unit is Technion-oriented).
B) Posting ads in the technion is officially prohibited. Even though, I
must admit that this official restriction is never to be forced. There are
few desingated areas for such ads, but all in all, everybody put their ads

> I know what the Income Tax people think. I fully intend to report what I
> earn because I'd rather earn less and be free of government-hassles, that
> get more and risk being declared "a criminal". I despise the concept of
> the Income Revenue Tax as much as the next guy, but I have more important
> motives in life than becoming filthy rich. I could use some tips in
> managing my money.

You need to go to IRS and VAT (yes, VAT also) and declare your intenetion.
You will open an account there (TIK).

If you intend to give lessons only to people, and not through companies,
etc. and you believe you won't make more than some threshold (which I
think is 60,000NIS/year), then you can open "Osek PAtor". Then you don't
pay VAT (as long as your income is less than thershold). Otherwise, you
open an "Osek Morshe" and then you have to pay VAT, IRS, etc.

Don't forget to check Bituach Leumi.


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