On Fri, Jan 31, 2003 at 11:43:50AM +0200, Orna Agmon wrote:
> On Fri, 31 Jan 2003, Muli Ben-Yehuda wrote:
> > My requirements: 
> > 
> > Able to accomodate at least 10 people comfortably. 
> > Good food. 
> > Alcohol is nice, but optional. 
> > Located in Haifa. 
> My requirements are mainly the possibility to breathe, since I was forced 
> to leave early in the last couple of times. Not so much due to lack of 
> air, as due to the excessive smoke.

D'oh! I knew I forgot something. Apologies. 

> Spargo (Carmeliya junc.) meets all the requirements above, BTW.

Yeah, except I'm not sure they can handle 10+ geeks making lots of
noises. But it's certainly the number 1 option right now. 
Muli Ben-Yehuda

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