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> ..... lot's of good and interesting reading snipped .....
> this possibly stems from the open-sourceness stand of the kernel people - 
> they want drivers to be open-source and placed inside the kernel.

The kernel developers obviously discriminate closed source drivers
in any possible way.

Cons: It lowers the ammount of drivers available to Linux.
      ...At least if you are willing to believe that under a
      "binary friendly" environment, the hardware vendors would
      rush to build/test/release excelent binary drivers for us.
      (personally it's hard for me to imagine it happening).

Pros: Every day Linux is growing in popularity, and in some
      cases becoming mandatory (there are growing numbers of
      companies that require Linux support in their RFQ's).
      As a result, every day there is a slow but steady pressure
      on hardware vendors to provide Linux support. Since
      binary drivers are "frowned upon" in Linux (i.e: "write
      a binary driver for us and we'll make your maintenance
      a living hell"), the chance of getting OpenSource drivers
      is growing steadily.

I guess it's obvious where I stand here :-)

Just a note: I'm sure you still remember the days Adaptec drivers
             for Linux were written by reverese engineering...

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