On Wed, 26 Feb 2003, Eli Billauer wrote:

> Hello all,
> After convincing two computers to share an ADSL connection with IP
> masquerading (using iptables), I've prepared a lecture about the things
> I learned while doing so. The lecture also deals with iptables
> firewalls, even though we'll go through this part very briefly (unless
> the audience will prefer to get into that as well).
> This lecture is practical, but I also explain the mechanism behind
> masquerading, and how it works in iptables in particular. It gives
> enough background to do smarter things than just sharing a connection.
> Orr, please schedule the lecture in our everlasting queue. The slides
> are ready, and I'll send them to you separately.

  Are you going to discuss setting up a transparent proxy in the lecture. I
can add info about that if you want.


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