On Wed, Nov 27, 2002, Muli Ben-Yehuda wrote about "[Haifux] Summary of Summary of W2L":
> - In the Introduction lecture (#1), the format in general is good, but
> we need to be very strict about the times. Absolutely no speaker
> should speak more than 10 minutes (if the subject is too large, cut it
> in half). 

The subject I talked about (the free software ideology), there is no way
to put it in 10 minutes. I planned for 15 minutes *after* extensive cutting
of the subject matter, but extensive heckling from the audiance (and
distruptions from other organizers) brought it to almost 20 minutes.

It's easy to say "cut it in half", but if cutting the lecture will make the
subject non-understandable or poorly-explained, it might be better not to
talk about it at all. Already, in my almost-20-minute lecture, some people
in the audience were annoyed by the fact that I refused to touch some issues
(for lack of time) or to answer questions.

Anyway, in the future I will not agree to give any lecture on this issue
planned for less than 20 minutes (and this is a *minimum*, not maximum, I
can talk about this issue), so if you want a 10 minute lecture you'll need
to do it yourself :)

> - In #1, we need more "divrei kishur", to tie the various speakers and
> subjects together. 

Perhaps. Another thing I felt missing is that because I had to cut my
intro-to-free-software lecture, I had to cut out most of the Linux-
specific stuff, including what are "distributions". I felt later, in
people's questions, that they missed an orderly explanation of the concept
"distribution" before they saw the actual demos and the names Redhat and
Mandrake popped up. Remember that Windows does not have "distributions",
so the whole concept of an OS that comes with hundreds of different programs
preinstalled, for free, is completely foreign to Windows users.

> - Only has assistants if they're really necessary. If all you need is
> someone to switch slides, the speaker can do it himself. 

Next time I'm asking for an assistant to help me chase unwanted assistants
off the stage :)

> - We should hand out (sell for the price of the media) cds starting
> from the first lecture, so people will be able to install on their
> own. 

Right. People came to me in the first lecture asking if I can give them
CDs. I gave a set of Redhat 7.3 to one person (that's what he wanted).

> - We can't have a cd burning unit, we need to have prepared CDs, which
> are reasonably known to work (burned industrially, not at home). Only
> burn CDs for people who brought their own media. 

burned-at-home can also be verified to work... (with md5sum)

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