On Wed, 25 Dec 2002, Michael Sternberg wrote:

> I'm looking for a good URL that explains
> memory management in modern Linux kernel.
> I.e. what happens when I'm typing malloc,
> how many memory is assigned to a process,
> what is virtual memory, how swapping works,
> etc...

ok. this was the last push i needed ;)
a new tutorial, titled "Unix and C/C++ runtime memory management for 
programmers" tutorial was just released on the LUPG site 
(http://www.actcom.co.il/~choo/lupg/). the tutorial actually tries to 
explain what happens when you're using malloc(), what is virtual memory, 
etc. took me over a year to eventually complete it. comments and fixes are 
welcome, as usual.

the tutorial's direct url is 

hope this helps,

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