If you are related to a UNIX or a programming course, or want to learn
more about Linux, please read on.

  The Haifa Linux Club is announcing a special Linux installation party and
lecture for the Spring semester 2003.

  The installation party will take place on Wednesday 12/04/03. Exact time
and location of the event will be announced soon on the web page -
http://linux-day.il.eu.org/ (will be soon updated)

  During the event, we will install Linux for free on PCs people bring to
the event. NOTE: Please register on the website if you are going to arrive
and are not related to a Technion course.
  This installation party is specfically dedicated to students taking
"Introduction to Operating Systems" or other UNIX programming courses this

  In addition to the installation party, there will be an introductionary
lecture about using GNU progrmming tools (gcc & emacs). The lecture will
take place on 24/03/03 at 18:30 in Taub 2. For more details about the
lecture, see http://www.haifux.org/#Newbie

  If you are teaching a UNIX or programming course, PLEASE tell your
students about these events. Also, if you know anyone interested, feel free
to forward this message to him or her.

  Thank you,

Visit the Haifa Linux Club website at http://www.haifux.org/

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