a. What about ISHURIM for computer carrying people to come with cars (even 
if for 10 minutes, just to drop it off)?

b.How about a page for people who volunteer to help?

c.How about incouraging people to install it themselves and come if they 
have a problem?

d. How about incouraging people to burn the ISOs themselves?

e. I can say other things except "how about".


On Thu, 6 Mar 2003, Orr Dunkelman wrote:

> Well,
> I have updated the site (frames version), please take a look, and see what
> you can find out as a mistake (besides the head .gif image saying it'll be
> 6th of Novomber. I am aware of that!).
> The registerants list was emptied, so, whoever is registered will get
> Linux installed.
> Pass the word on (please don't send them to the site yet... it's not that
> finished).
> and the link:
> http://linux-day.il.eu.org

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