On Tue, 11 Sep 2001, mulix wrote:

> * first of all, the links in src/ are broken, which led to a spectacular
> make fork bomb :)

Hmmm... I was sure that the ln command always tries to create relative
symlinks. even if I give full pathes for both the source and te target. 
But looking at the tarball it seems that the symlinks have full pathes.

Anyway, those symlinks have indeed a potential of a make loop (unless I
check if 'cd' was successful), so I figure I'll replace that 'ln -s' with
'mv' .

> * make clean does some very funky things (log attached)


clean_refreshd_hooks in the toplevel makefile accidentally depends on
refershd_hook .


I'll try to have version 0.1.1 ready soon

> * compiling all of the plugins is not a good idea - on my system
> compilation barfs because i dont have the wm headers. perhaphs (if not
> autoconf then) a simple script asking the user what he would like to
> install and doing rudimentary checks?

When I have some time...

> * a rudimentary check of biditext shows that it works. a rudimentary
> check of r2llib didnt take place because i had no idea how to test it -
> emil? (my system has no hebrew specially set up, except maybe the
> turkish patch for netscape).

You can get the hebrew text file from

and view it in an X text editor with the font set to 'heb8x13' (e.g:
'xedit -fn heb8x13 hello_8bit.txt').

You can also use netscape / xterm -e lynx

Tzafrir Cohen

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