A reminder on what needs to be done

1. configure script (either autoconf or some home-made script)
* if X11 headers and libs are availlable, and where
* where is gnome-config
* QT and KDE headers and libs (check for QTDIR and KDEDIR. Maybe also
  check for -devel RPMs, as Mandrake RPMs don't set QTDIR)
* allow an external r2llib-config (?)
* check if libdockapp is available (and where)

In the makefiles almost ll of theose are (or can easily be) isolated to
individual makefile variables. So it is "only" a matter of configure
script to write a config file.

(There is also a question of how to allow the seperate tarballs to build
seperately, if we want to keep it this way)

I'm not sure I'll have the time fro writing it, so help would be

2. kde applet. Guy? Shlomi?

3. Better documentation. Most importantly is a README that will be better
than the one I wrote (in the r2l-package tarball). But man pages for
biditext and for the rest of the commands will be useful as well.

Tzafrir Cohen

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