On Thu, 13 Sep 2001, Tzafrir Cohen wrote:

> 1. configure script (either autoconf or some home-made script)
> test:

will someone familiar with the autoconf tools (tzafrir? shlomi?) be able
to give us an estimate of which is easier (writing our own conf script
or using autoconf)?

> * if X11 headers and libs are availlable, and where
> * where is gnome-config
> * QT and KDE headers and libs (check for QTDIR and KDEDIR. Maybe also
>   check for -devel RPMs, as Mandrake RPMs don't set QTDIR)
> * allow an external r2llib-config (?)
> * check if libdockapp is available (and where)
> In the makefiles almost ll of theose are (or can easily be) isolated to
> individual makefile variables. So it is "only" a matter of configure
> script to write a config file.
> (There is also a question of how to allow the seperate tarballs to build
> seperately, if we want to keep it this way)

this could be useful, but i dont think we need to worry about it at this
stage - our first and only priority now is to release a _usable_ 0.9
version. it doesnt have to be perfect - just usable.

> 2. kde applet. Guy? Shlomi?

what about the kde applet indeed? shlomi, there was some problem you ran
into if i remember correctly?

> 3. Better documentation. Most importantly is a README that will be better
> than the one I wrote (in the r2l-package tarball). But man pages for
> biditext and for the rest of the commands will be useful as well.

i will see what i can do in this regard, although documentation is
definitely not my strong side.

in other news, r2llib and biditext are now cvs'd on my machine with
tzafrir and i having commit access. i also set up 'syncmail' to send out
emails when commits are made.

* should i set up commits to be sent to the list? if anyone wants their
names added to the notification list in the mean time, just let me know.

* if maintainers of the other packages want to put their sources in cvs
as well, just let me know.


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