[ i wrote that syscalltrack needs more coders ]

On Wed, 31 Oct 2001, Shlomi Fish wrote:

> Can't promise anything, but I might work on it a little. Where is its
> to-do list?

http://www.sf.net/projects/syscalltrack/, under 'tasks'
this page has a list of tasks waiting to be done, divided by component
(the rules and filters library, the kernel modules, the configuration
utility, the communication library and the tests). some tasks are very
general, and some are quite specific. if you see anything that catches
your fancy, or you have something you'd like to do that's not there,
just give us a shout on the syscalltrack-hackers mailing list (look
under 'mailing lists').

we also have a FUTURE file, for things we'd like to do someday. some of
the things here are pretty wild.

also, there are things you can always do:

write tests
write documentation
review the code
write a better website

if you want a list of things we consider "the most urgent", or "the most
challenging", just ask.

in short, just pick whatever seems like the most fun and go for it!


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