Hi all

I finally wrote the autoconf configuration.

This is not exactly a release quality, so consider it a .0 .

Due to some issues with the CVS I still have not checked this in (sorry,
mulix) and it still does not include the man page. I have also yet to
update the rpm package.

The files are at:



  * r2l-package has been added a configure.in
  * some changes to the makefiles of r2l-plugins, biditext and refreshd

Current problems:

- The small peice of code I wrote for detecting libdockapp fails to work,
for some reason. It always succeds . I suspect that my shell code (in
configure.in) is buggy

- There is a small cosmetic bug in th detection of gnome-config.

Please try this on as many systems as you can (./configure; make) and
report errors. Ideally there should be no build errors: if the system is
unable to build the package , the configure script should detect this.

Tzafrir Cohen

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