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thanks a lot, but i'm afraid this patch fails to apply against the cvs
man page. could you generate a unified diff (diff -u) against the
attached file? or just send me your fixed version?

On Wed, 26 Dec 2001, Kohn Emil Dan wrote:

> Attached is a patch for the man page.
> Minor typo corrections and clarifications
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> On Tue, 25 Dec 2001, mulix wrote:
> > added a biditext man page. it's not very up to date, nor is it
> > particularly pretty, but it's a start. patches welcome.
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.\" Process this file with
.\" groff -man -Tascii biditext.1
.TH Biditext 1 "December 2001" Linux "User Manuals"
biditext \- enable showing bidirectional texts in X programs
.B biditext program [
.I arguments
.B ]
.B biditext.so
is a shared library that replaces the XDrawString,
xXDrawImageString and XDrawString16 functions from the libX11 library,
with ones that supports bidirectional printing. It will perform reversing
only on fonts with Hebrew encodings (iso8859-8, microsoft-cp1255 and
.B biditext
is a convenience script which sets the LD_PRELOAD environment variable
and then runs the original program. 
XDrawString changes the direction of the text only when a file .rev in
your HOME directory exists, so when it does not exist, it behaves, exactly
like the normal function from libX11.so. Creating or removing this file
takes affect immediately, so it can be used when using Netscape to browse
Hebrew sites, and moving between pages that use Visual / Logical Hebrew. 
If you want to use another name (instead of $HOME/.rev) set the environment
variable BIDITEXT_FILENAME to that file name before running biditext. e.g.
(works with bash):
  BIDITEXT_FILENAME=$HOME/.rev-ns biditext netscape
See http://linuxclub.il.eu.org/R2L/ for some programs thet provide simple 
graphical interfaces for this feature. 
This version also allows you to set the base directionality. See:
http://www.mail-archive.com/lin-club%40vipe.technion.ac.il/msg00323.html for
the exact details, and
http://www.mail-archive.com/lin-club%40vipe.technion.ac.il/msg00327.html for
some demostrations.
r2llib also provides a simple 
.BR r2l (1) 
command line program to query and
set the r2l state and biditext base state. 
Note that the approach used by biditext has some inherent limitations. The
program is not aware of the logical->visual conversion and thus:
May draw parts of the line in seperate XDrawString calls (e.g: when
editing a text, or when selecting it)
When you decide to create (or delete) the .rev file, the program's
window will not update immedietly. The change will take effect only
once the text will be redrawn (e.g.: by refreshing the whole window)
(The refreshd package of the r2l project is meant to answer the second
problem. It's available from the afore mentioned locations)
It seems that the standard text box of qt2 programs does not suffer from the
first limitation, and editing text with QT2 programs (like kedit and licq)
works well, if you have got past the fonts problem.
.I $HOME/.rev
This file's contents determine biditext's exact operation. It should
not be handled directly, use the 
.BR r2l (1)
utility to manipulate it. 
Enable printing of profiling information to stderr. 
Enable checking of the string's character set to decide if it should
be reversed. 
.I fribidi
Dov Grobgeld's fribidi library (version >=0.1.6), which 
is available from http://fribidi.sourceforge.net, that requires glib.
.I r2llib
Biditext requires r2llib (version >= 0.32) which should have been
already supplied with it. If not, it is available from
Occasional Bus errors, usually when quiting netscape.
May have problems with programs that do some manipulations with the
loader, e.g.: licq
0.9 added recognition of the character set, and reverses only Hebrew
strings. Thus if you use netscape 4 with web fonts, it won't revesse
your text (because it is not exactly hebrew). Apply the turkish patch
to netscape. 
Regarding the changes of 0.9 and the Elmar fonts: See
There is another function of similar functionality to XDrawString that
is used for anti-aliased text (XftDrawString). This function is
currently not handled by biditext.
Ilya Konstantinov ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
Tzafrir Cohen ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
.BR r2l (1)

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