r2l 0.9.4 is available. Main changes from 0.9.2:

* the binary r2l is now installed (unless using a system r2llib, because
  it may have a different r2l binary)

* refreshd_hook.so is optionally loaded when running biditext (using

* Everything compiles, also on solaris.

Things to verify:

* refreshd on solaris: does it run?
* Any problems left with tha system version of r2llib ?

On Fri, 28 Dec 2001, guy keren wrote:

> On Fri, 28 Dec 2001, Tzafrir Cohen wrote:
> > I'm generally quite satisfied with this one (even though I have some
> > problems when trying to build it on other platforms, mainly with
> > refreshd, I can live with that)
> >
> > So I'd like to hear some success stories, and then get 1.0 out.
> i am trying it out here now (redhat 6.2 with various manual changes).
> first, some output i see in the configure script's output on the screen:
> checking for gnome - version >= 1.0... ./configure: test: integer
> expression expected after -lt
> yes
> there's some problem with the test there. i see this again later when
> checking for another component. running with '-x' reveals the problem is
> with 'gnome_wanted_micro_version' being set to an empty string, rather
> then a number, at line 835, and thus the 'test' on line 2581 yields a
> syntactic error.

This should be fixed. I modified aclocal/ac_check_generic . I'm not sure
my solution is optimal, but it seems to work. (I ignore everything after
the third number)

> the other component with a problem is 'r2llib'. on line 1014. what happend
> is that 'r2llib-config --version' here returns '0.32', while the script
> seems to expect '0.3.2', and this the script sets
> r2llib_config_micro_version to an empty string. please note that i have a
> copy of r2llib installed in the system, and i also get a warning about it:
> configure: warning: Using system version of r2llib from
> /usr/local/bin/r2llib-config

This may not be solved.

> another thing - when i ran 'make install', then after the installation, an
> 'install' script is being built - either it should be built _before_
> installing the files, or it shouldn't be built at all - but certainly not
> be built as the last operation of 'make install'.

Solved. I needed to use install-sh instead of install.sh . This is a weird
interaction between autoconf and make.

> now, running biditext causes applications to crash during startup (tried
> with 'netscape' [which crashed] and with'gnome-terminal'. gnome-terminal
> itself didn't crash, but a lynx ran under it crashed with a bus error).
> i decided perhaps my local copy of r2llib is at fault, so i manually
> removed it (removing all files from /usr/local/lib/libr2l* and
> /usr/loacl/bin/r2l*, including the insalled r2l applets). when i did that,
> the configure script barfed that i don't have a version of 'r2llib', and
> then barfed that i don't have the right version - it shouldn't go checking
> the version if it doesn't find the library. nontheless, it ran to the end.

This warning is very frightening. Maybe make the check for a system r2llib

> the 'r2l' program was not installed in the system - which is not good,
> since its being used by the 'biditext' shel script. the newly resulting
> biditext still caused netscape to crash with bus error during startup.


> i also noticed that you're not using the latest version of r2lgnomepapplet
> - which is more visually appealing then the current one, and also
> suppports the '--minimal' flag shlomi has requested. i'll send you its
> sources in the next email.

What you sent me was an exact copy of what I already have. The gnome
applet indeed does not support "--minimal".

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