On Wed, 2 Jan 2002, Kohn Emil Dan wrote:

> Hi Tzafrir,
> It seems that things got messed up somehow with the tarball. I downloaded
> r2l-0.9.4.tar.gz from
> http://www.technion.ac.il/~tzafrir/R2L/r2l-tarball/

Just placed a new tarball/rpm there. Should fix at least most of the
prblems. Since it is in the same day, I decided not to bump the version

Changes include:

* detection of gnome-config's version should now work
* by default no check for r2llib in the system. I assume that this will be
  the common case.  You can still use ./configure --enable-system-r2llib
* build cleanups

Current problems:

* refreshd on solaris (does it work properly?)
* A problem of a dependencies in the makefile:
  make.defs is created in ./configure from make.defs.in .
  make.defs is an optional include in the makefile (it is included with
  "-include"). However make insists on rebuilding it ("remaking the

  The result is that if make.defs does not exist, every call to make will
  first trigger ./configure .

> and there are problems compiling it under Solaris.
> It seems that there is a problem with the following line in the configure
> script:
>     fribidi_config_version=`$FRIBIDI_CONFIG $fribidi_config_args \
>        --version | sed 's/[^0-9]*\([0-9]*\).\([0-9]*\).\([0-9]*\)\..*/\1.\2.\3/'`

I modified this part. It should work.

I tried to make it work also with the version number of r2llib , but this
doesn't work yet.

If you want to test this, run:

make biditext
rm config.cache
PATH=${PWD}/bin:${PATH} ./configure --enable-system-r2llib

(make biditext will first install a local copy of r2llib under the current

> For some reason the fribidi_config_versionvariable gets messed up (it's
> something like 0..)
>  After I remove the sed stuff, the configuration script proceeds normally.
> However when trying to compile the package
> gmake PREFIX=/tmp/emild/r2l-install
> the compilation aborts because r2l-configdoes not exist. I think that the

r2llib-config , right?

> problem is caused by the fact that install-sh does not allow multiple
> files to be copied such as:
> install-sh -c file1 file2 dir
> Each file must be installed separately. Therefore you should probably
> replace the line in r2llib's Makefile with a for loop that installs each
> file separately, i.e. replace
> by
>       for file in $(PROGS) $(CONFIG_BIN); \
>         do $(LIBTOOL) $(INSTALL) -c $$file $(BINDIR) ; \
>       done


> The compilation proceeds after this but aborts further with
> ../.././install-sh command not found.

I'm not sure what caused this.

> I think that this error is due to some messed up TOPDIR, but I think that
> the main reason is that the tarball is somehow notup-to-date.
> Also looking at the biditext.in file it seems to be the same as the old
> one (i.e. no support for --auto-refresh). This ensures me more that the
> problem is with the tarball version.
> BTW, the version of biditext I provided will not work on Solaris because
> Solaris's sh does not support the syntax
> export variable=value
> This means that you will have to change such lines to:
> variable=value
> export variable

Fixed. I also updated the man page accordingly.

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