On Thu, 10 Jan 2002, Kohn Emil Dan wrote:

> Hi Tzafrir,
> Played a little bit with the Solaris version.
> The old problem with the path to install-sh is still there. A short
> reminder of it:
> Aftyer running
> ./configure
> followed by:
> gmake PREFIX=/path/to/install

What do you mean by "path to install"?

If I want it to be installed under my home directory, I run:

gmake PREFIX=$HOME install

(the default is to install under /usr/local)

> the build process aborts when installing lib refreshd_cnt.a because the
> path to install-sh is wrong.

On my account I have ginstall on the path, and it gets used. Therefore
install-sh is unnecessary. I have no problems.

I'll try to check it later without ginstall.

> This can be fixed by editing
> r2l-0.9.5/src/refreshd/src/make.defs
> and changing the definition of
> INSTALL=../../.././install-sh -c
> to
> INSTALL=../../../../install-sh -c

Hmmm... I'll try to make a kludge there...

(if INSTALL begins with '..' the set REFRESHD_INSTALL to ../${INSTALL} ,
or something similar)

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