Hi folks

A new version of the complete r2l package is here: 0.1.0

The main change is that the code for refreshd is in. I have not included
Emil's biditext binary, as it seemed to me that it is simpler to do in a
shell script (see my previous post), and anyway, it should be part of the
existing biditext script.

You can get it from 

There are many files there (see the README). r2l-0.1.0.tar.gz is the
tarball that includes everything. There is also an rpm package.

To run refreshd: simply run 'refreshd' 

To run a client with refreshd support: For the moment you'll have to use:

  BIDITEXT_FILENAME=`r2l p token` 
LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/biditext.so:/usr/lib/refreshd_hook.so command_and_params

Emil: refreshd fails if BIDITEXT_FILENAME is not set. but you shouldn't
query the environment directly: you should ask r2llib what is the token
(as I did in the above command).


* finish the merge of refreshd
  - add refreshd_hook support to the biditext script
  - init.d script (inluding 'status' ?)
  - check if my refreshd tarball builds outside r2l-package
  - 'make pack' for the refreshd tarball
  - I'm not sure I really like the way I modified those makefiles

* kde applet (Guy? Shlomi?)

* automatic configuration (autoconf, or a home-made mini-autoconf).

* strip binaries

* Write a more complete README

An idea for the GUIs: indicate if refreshd is running. allow
strating/stopping it

The main item in the TODO list is the automatic config: The package needs
to compile out-of-the-box at least on common linux configs. A couple of

- QT and KDE directories
- libdockapp
- use a system r2llib if installed?
- locatoin of X11 headers/libs

Tzafrir Cohen

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