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Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 11:36:29 +0200
From: Igor Tertishny <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: [LinPrj] New Linux project


We inform that the firm " Aluf Computers " begins realization of the plan
popularization of operational system Linux in Israel, as systems capable to
replace products of the well-known firm for work in offices and home. At
present we are official reseller of  "Alt Linux". Alt Linux has left from
Mandrake Linux, but quite for a long time it is completely independent
distribution kit. On experience of  work with Alt Linux Spring 2001, Alt
Linux Junior and server distribution kit Alt Linux Castle it is possible to
conclude that on the present moment there is no more convenient and practical
distribution kit. The comparison was made with SuSE Linux, Redhat Linux, ASP
Linux, Mandrake Linux, Debian Linux and Slackware Linux. By our order the
firm Alt Linux together with our initiative group has begun development
office' and user' hebrew version of the distribution kit Junior. As the first
variant - Enable. Further is planned to receive completely hebrew version of
the shell X (Gnome, KDE2, IceWM - transformed according to  hebrew standards,
from the right to the left).

Unfortunately, the financing of the given project is not made yet. The
development goes by forces of the enthusiasts. And we invite to participation
in our project everyone,  who is interested in Linux and its development in
our country. We wait for the help! How many it is possible to give back
everything on a Microsoft's payoff ? If who has already development on
hebrewzation according to the license GNU - call us, take part in our

The second step on popularization of Linux became opening (on base " Aluf
Computers " in Jerusalem) of courses on using of Linux. In two variants - "
Using of Linux in office and home work" and " Network Administration,
constructed on a basis Linux ". Further we have  more plans of the courses on
web-administration in Linux, Perl, PHP, administration of databases and
creation of the client applications . We have already many requests of the
people wishing to be trained on similar courses. While they are organized in
Russian, as the overwhelming majority of the requests is sent from Russians.
But also there is a lot of  from those whom a native language - hebrew. But
we do not have people capable to give a quite enough professional teaching on
hebrew. Therefore we invite to cooperation  hebrew speaking Linuxoids of

We wait for your letters and for your help! We wait also for those who simply
wishes to communicate to the people which are loving and knowing the same
things, that knows and  loves he or she. You see it would be also desirable
to organize  Jerusalem Linux club.

With wishing the best to you, friends!

Phone:     02-6568263 (till 15:00), 058-258539

                                                Yehuda Ben-Yosef

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