Hi All

r2l 0.9.6 is out. Available from the usual place:



* fixed return value of r2l
* added a small tcl/tk program r2ltcl . Note that you should probably need
  to fix the interpeter line (/usr/local/bin/wish8.2 is required in CSD,
  on linux I expect this to be /usr/bin/wish)
* Better detection of libdockapp
* minor documentation updates

Also, it seems that at least with a number of recent gtk programs I tried,
all of them draw the text to the screen word-by-word rather than
line-by-line. This biditext does not make their text readable.

Known bugs:

* refreshd does not run on solaris
* gtk programs crash if fribidi is of version < 0.9.1 and

Please let me know if there are any other problems building and running

Tzafrir Cohen

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