There's been a long standing request to move's web UI
over to cgit[1]. We've just deployed a test version at:

We'd like to get people to try out and share any issues they have. Once
we work through issues, we'd like to get rid of the old gitweb interface
and make this the standard web UI to our git servers.

cgit has a bunch of nice features you should enjoy including:

 * Significantly faster
 * README support, eg:
 * A much cleaner UI (slightly objective opinion)
 * Actively used by the best git sites such as

= FAQ:

Q: The front page is much smaller?
A: I've collapsed many of our lesser used "sections" including the
"people" area so that our most used repos are more prominent.

Q: How does the "about" page work.
A: Just add a file like README, README.txt,, README.rst and it
will automagically work. We can collapse or expand any sections we want,
I just took an initial stab at what seemed obvious to me.

Q: This looks a little different than normal cgit?
A: Yes, I've got to UI patches that have been reviewed, but not yet merged:

Q: What about
A: It will be converted after we finish with git.l.o

Q: What about our private git server?
A: There is a small privacy issue I'm trying to work out with the
maintainers so it can be used by us:

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