* Off on Mon and Tue.  [4/20]

# Progress #

* Range stepping in ARM.  TCWG-518 [5/20]
  The thread starvation is fixed by randomly
  selecting pending events among threads.  Being regression tested.

* GDB 7.12 release.  TCWG-685.  [4/20]
  Due to the recent kernel change, single step in GDBserver stops
  working, because new kernel becomes sensitive on writing RES0
  bits in CPSR.  Fixed in GDB side.

* GNU Cauldron.   [7/20]
  Discussed with GDB people on the projects we are
  working on.  Got some agreement on the general direction of some
  projects.  Discussed with the possible GDB changes to handle
  variable length registers, such as SVE.  Agreed to move ptrace-test
  from sourceware to kernel tree.  Sync on 7.12 release.  Discussed on
  AArch64 TLS var debug information, looks it is less complex than

# Plan #

* Off on Mon and Tue.
* TCWG-685, TCWG-518
* Prepare for the US travel.

Yao Qi
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