# Progress #

* TCWG-333, Fix gdb.base/func-ptrs.exp fails in thumb mode.  [4/10]
   Finish the patch, tested it on arm and ppc64.  Post patches for

* TCWG-556, aarch32 GDB buildbot slave.  In progress.  [1/10]
  Sergio needs to adjust buildbot setting to customize my buildslave.

* TCWG-547, [2/10]
   Ping the patch series, and commit some obvious ones.

* Misc, [3/10]
** Ask two people about using OpenOCD with AArch64 board.
** Review kernel patch to fix kernel limitation of byte address select.
   Patches look good, but GDB needs to detect that such limitation is
**  Read "C++ Primer".   Need more knowledge on C++.

# Plan #

* Other thing on OpenOCD,
* TCWG-167, TCWG-416,

Yao Qi
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