== Progress ==

* Test GlobalISel on AArch64 Linux [TCWG-825]
  - Got the existing tests to work on Linux - luckily this only required
changes to the tests and not to GlobalISel itself; committed these changes
  - Ran the test-suite with GlobalISel and with the fallback to the old DAG
ISel enabled; only 57 object files can be compiled with GlobalISel only,
the others need the fallback to the old ISel; also, there are crashes in
over 500 of the tests

* Rewrite llvm-projs in Python [TCWG-833]
  - Rewrote the core functionality of the script and added tests
  - Still have to implement the command line interface

* Handle special cases in AArch64InstrInfo::GetInstSizeInBytes [TCWG-757]
  - Committed upstream

* [AArch64] CMP + label arithmetic not supported [TCWG-710]
  - Committed upstream

* Misc
  - Upstream code review
  - Linaro annual performance review
  - Had a quick look at a hanging check-all in one of the AArch64
buildbots; I identified the hanging test as one of the TSAN tests, but I
didn't manage to reproduce the issue locally (since the tests run in
parallel, it's possible that there's a subtle interaction between them);
I've seen other buildbots (PowerPC) similarly hanging every now and then,
but I'm not sure it's the same issue; will keep an eye on it though.

== Plan ==

* 2 weeks off
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