Hi Christophe.

On Tue, 18 Oct 2016 21:39:32 +0200, Christophe Lyon wrote:
> On 11 October 2016 at 22:26, Jens Bauer <jens-lists-lin...@gpio.dk> wrote:
>> You deserve some contributions/freebies, with all the hard work 
>> you're already doing - thank you on behalf of thousands of people 
>> using your toolchain!
> You may have noticed that your suggestions have been integrated:
> - support for Darwin
> - use of getconf

Awesome. I'll try it out. If I find any problems, I'll post to the list; 
otherwise you can assume things are alright. :)

> Sorry, I realize that I should have mentioned your name in the commit 
> message.

That's not necessary. I'm happy that I could contribute a little. What's 
important for me, is that I help improving stuff. =)

>> -I mentioned this in the support request as well. I'm creating two 
>> variables, which contains the code used for executing make. It has a 
>> 'built-in' -jN, where N is twice the number of cores.
> This makes sense if you run only one build at a time on a machine, but
> this is not our main use case.
> For the time being, we try to optimize our validation bandwidth, and
> we adjust the -j factor along with
> the number of builds in parallel on a given build server.

Then you will need some 'breathing room' on those machines; I follow you.

> As you may have guessed, when we run validations, we check several
> targets, which happened
> to be scheduled in parallel on several builders. We favor the
> throughput in terms of validation
> results. For instance, we prefer to have the results for 4 targets in
> ~2h rather than 3 targets
> in ~1h30, then having to wait for another 1h30 for the next batch.
> (Figures not accurate,
> just to give you an idea). YMMV.

It makes perfect sense. =)

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