# Progress #
* TCWG-1159,New design of GDB/GDBserver target description.  [3/10]
  Patches are still not reviewed.  Keep going to change x86 target
  descriptions.  Post two patches to clean up them first.

* TCWG-561, Handle unavailable memory during frame unwinding.  [3/10]
   Patches are posted.

* PR 21818, GDB crashes with executable for armv5te. [1/10]
  Patch is tested, and to be posted.

* Upstream review, [2/10]
  ** ADI patches review, advice on how to match the output in gdb tests,
  ** Some disassembly regression caused by my previous patches,
  ** Help people to triage their GDB issues because I don't have the env
  to reproduce them.

* Misc, [1/10]

# Plan #
* TCWG-1162, Test GDB+OpenOCD with AArch64 boards.
  Post my newlib patches  upstream, and continue to test with
  QEMU and OpenOCD respectively.
* TCWG-1159, New design of GDB/GDBserver target description

Yao Qi
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