That also depends on what you want to use C++ for.
If you just want to use the convenient syntax and language features
then you don't need to link against any additional library.
In that case you'd disable exceptions and rtti and implement
new/delete using malloc/free.


On Fri, Aug 11, 2017 at 3:53 PM, Godmar Back <> wrote:
> In a recent github thread
> <> it
> was suggested that I ask this list about what the exact reasons for the
> lack of C++ support are, and how/if they break down by C++ feature so as to
> gauge a possible investment in remedying this situation at least partially.
> In other words, suppose I changed the build process to include libstdc++,
> libgcc, and libgcc_eh (and/or other runtime support commonly linked with
> C++ programs), what features of C++ would work/still fail?  And what
> implementation work would be required to implement the missing features?
> On a related note, are there intrinsic properties of the secure environment
> that may conflict with running C++ code, if any?
> Thank you.
>  - Godmar
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