* VIRT-65 [QEMU upstream maintainership]
   + sent patch fixing problem where some aarch64 binaries would segfault
     under linux-user (changes for SVE accidentally caused them to get
     a too-small signal frame)
   + wrote an RFC kernel patch which sanitizes the ESR value reported to
     userspace for faults on kernel addresses, rather than dropping it
   + wrote a patch to fix a reported QEMU compile failure for Arm
     guests on MIPS hosts
   + code review:
     - various bug fixes for 2.12
     - another round of the patchset to implement the PMU properly
     - DS1338 RTC device emulation overhaul patches
     - QEMU side of changes to allow more than 123 CPUs with KVM
       (mostly involving allowing split GIC redistributor regions)
     - linux-user FDPIC ABI support

Hopefully next week I'll be able to get back to non-release
related work...

-- PMM
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