Note1: working for Linaro every other week

=== Issues ===

* IT issues made me loose 1 day of work

=== Work done during this LLVM+GCC week ===

* LLVM PR34170 (crashes with inline asm with double output operand in GPR):
internal review
  + improved patch to also support case with several output operands
     -> had to choose to relax test a bit to not put expectation on
register allocator
* Support arithmetic on FileCheck regex variables: in progress
  + an attempt to be able to express that 2 registers are related by some
arithmetic expression (eg. vmov dY, rX, rX+1), seems doable

Upstream work on Arm GCC side:

cmse_nonsecure_caller return wrong answer: backported to GCC 7
* __builtin_arm_set_fpscr crashes with literal values input: committed to
trunk, backport oked
  + do more testing and prepare backport to GCC 6 & 7
* PR85344 (GCC fails constraint check on valid code): in progress
  + 2 prototype patches done but inconclusive result
  + pondering what should be the expect behaviour
  + investigating the extent of the problem -> both immediate and register
constraints can be surprising

=== Plan for next week (week 12) ===

* Investigate stack-protector failure with Linaro GCC 7 toolchains
* DSGHACK-25 (Support arithmetic on FileCheck regex variable): finish patch

=== Planned leave ===

* 28th April -> 29th May  Sabbatical (Trip to France, then China, then
France again)
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