[VIRT-263 # ARMv8.1-VHE Virtual Host Extensions ]

Reworked the timer redirection.  Now the EL2 and EL0 redirection
is unified, which is a bit easier to understand.  Still no joy
working out where the unwanted interrupt is coming from.  As far
as I can tell everything is plumbed correctly...

I'll shelve this until PMM is not swamped with release work.
It must wait for 5.0 for merging anyway.

[VIRT-327 # Richard's upstream QEMU work ]

Assorted patch review.


Posted two more rounds of ARMv8.5-RNG for review.  Seems I'd
misunderstood one of Mark's previous suggestions, and Ard changed
his mind about how RNDR vs RNDRRS should be used in the context
of the shared resource across host*CORES + virt*VCPUS.


Posted an implementation of asm-flag-output for AArch32+AArch64.
I should have done this years ago.  There are two potential users
within the kernel, and one is access_ok() which has thousands
of uses.  (Oh, and RNG, which has like 3 uses.  :-P)

Reviewed some arm simd patches that caught my eye.

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