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You need to use "glmer" not "lmer" to run such a model.


On 2016-09-18 13:41, Simritpal Malhi wrote:

I am trying to run my error analysis using a logit mixed model. I have
installed the lmer test package because I would like to report
p-values. I have attached a sample of how my data file is set-up.

e$correct <- as.factor(e$correct)




I put the dependent variable as "correct" and I added
"family=binomial" to specify that the "correct" dependent variable was
coded as 1 if the participant had an error and 0 if the participant
was correct. However, I am getting the following error message:

Error in as(model, "merModLmerTest") :  no method or

default for coercing “glmerMod” to “merModLmerTes”

 In addition: Warning messages:

 1: In lme4::lmer(formula = correct ~ task * concrete +

task * embodied +  : calling lmer with 'family' is

deprecated; please use glmer() instead

 2: In checkConv(attr(opt, "derivs"), opt$par, ctrl =

control$checkConv,  : Model failed to converge with

 max|grad| = 0.00205133 (tol= 0.001, component 1)

 Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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