delitescent (del-i-TES-uhnt) adjective

   Hidden; latent.

[From Latin delitescent-, stem of delitescens, present participle of
delitescere (to hide away).]

  "[Muumuu] matches and enhances the infinite variety of the human psyche
   as well as providing a delitescent veil for those aged parts of you
   that you can't yet bring yourself to make public."
   Reese Palley; Call of the Ancient Mariner; International Marine/Ragged
   Mountain Press; 2003.

Have you ever taken a vacation that's planned to every nanosecond? At 9:37
we visit the Garden of Standonburg and spend an hour and 18 minutes there,
then we reach the Pamponi Museum at 11:09, and then .... Well, that's not a
vacation, is it? Sometimes it's best to let yourself roam through what may
come, with no plan, no schedule, no rules, no aim and nothing to guide 
except a free mind and open heart.

This week's AWAD is prepared in just that spirit. A word tickles our fancy
and leads us to some others that bring forth new sights. We skip some of 
them, move ahead or perhaps take a leisurely stroll through the dictionary. 
There's nothing common among the words selected--at least as far as we 
know. There's no theme to constrain our word choices during the next five 
days. Or maybe that's the theme.

-Anu Garg

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