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Fiona Nash it was who, in reference to the regional parts of Labor's NBN
plan, coined the term "Rural Fraudband". ...

For a generation, Australia's telecommunications infrastructure has been falling behind the rest of the world. In many parts, it performs worse now than in the past.

From one of the comments:
I used to manufacture and sell wheat bags online and gaining a little badge for 
my hard work. I used to telecommute in a recruitment position. Once upon a time 
I even did a degree online, all at the same time, but that was 7 years ago. The 
'wireless' network was not funded by the government, the links began to fail, 
our link was turned off. Then the Telstra tower was faulting, 9 long months, I 
rang and rang. It was a TV aerial causing interference.

By then I had to leave town to find a new job and finish my degree, my online 
business closed down. Then I returned home in 2013 thinking it might have been 
better but it got worse, the illegal repeaters had come to town, another 6 
months of being told it was me.

My business could re-open tomorrow, I have everything here, but the data 
allowances, the cost, the backup internet for the backup internet, the 
interference from a black spot tower, the lag that makes things not work just 
right, I wonder if it will ever happen again.

So I plan to spend thousands we don't have, to hope the seasons are just right 
to allow a bridge to be built. But it may need a farmer to loan me a piece of 
their land, a purple coloured piece to be exact. Then to build a little home 
for the equipment to live and build a few more homes on borrowed land, to bring 
the purple patch to my home. Then hope the sun continues to shine, keep the 
batteries charged up and the signal arriving. Of course by now I'll have to 
become a tech guru, maintaining a hop, skip and a jump linking system and maybe 
just maybe if it all goes to plan, my life will once return to being online.

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